Web and SEO Company  - Terms and Conditions

Your use of services under Web and SEO Company or collaboration with the teams at Web and SEO Company  is subject to thefollowing terms and conditions. Please make sure to read these terms and conditions, as well as the Privacy Policy, prior to the initiation of your project. The company holds the right to make any changes in the following terms and conditions at any time, with or without a notice issued to the clients. Acceptance of the following terms and conditions refers your acceptance to any changes made later as well.

Domain and Hosting Prices:

The domain and hosting prices are to be paid by thecustomers. This price is separate from the price of the project and is to be made on annualbasis. At each subsequent year, the price must be paid 10 dates before the due date. This means that if a domain was purchased on 10 th January of 2018, the payment will be required on 1 st January of 2019. In case of delayed payments, Web and SEO Company  shall not be responsible for the domain expiry.

Fixing Bugs:

Fixing bugs and errors will be done by the team at Web and SEO Company  without any extra charges for the web development services availed at Web and SEO Company. Please note that this does not include fixing the bugs of your websites developed by other service providers.

Additional Features:

However, if a client adds in to the requirements at any later stage,or needs to add extra features, extra charges will have to be paid by the client for it. These additional charges will be communicated to the client before starting to work on the added requirements, and no costs or prices are kept hidden.

Technical Support:

For the dynamic websites, an IT representative from Web and SEO Company  takes the responsibility of training the users at the client’s end at the time of handing over the project to the client.

Maintenance Charges:

For the websites developed byWeb and SEO Company, maintenance shall be provided free of cost for the first month after the development. However, maintenance charges will have to be paid by the clients if they want to continue availing the maintenance services in the months afterwards.

Content and Images:

The content and images for the websites under development are tobe provided by the clients; otherwise the company will charge for it separately. These additional charges, if any, will be explicitly mentioned in the price quoted for the client.

Project Details:

The company is entitled to have all the details and requirements about the project under question prior to acceptance of the quote. Clients must cooperate with the team at Web and SEO Company to share all these required details for successful completion of the project. The content, images and all other details must be provided to the company within two weeks of starting the project. Delays in providing this content may incur additional time than the decided deadline.

Time Frame:

Web and SEO Company makes it a point to complete every project in the time given by the client. However, any additional requirements demanded at a later stage will not be considered for the deadline decided initially. This means that additional features or requirements added will need additional time as well to be completed.

Withdraw Policy:

 Once a quotation has been accepted by the client and the project has been assigned to the company, the client cannot withdraw it. In case of withdrawing after the quote has been accepted, the penalty charges will have to be paid by the client. The option to withdraw shall not be available if our team members have already started working on the project.

 Payment Policy:

 Assigning a project to the teams at Web and SEO Company means that the client agrees to pay all charges as per the company’s quotes and policy. The taxes are to be paid by the client where applicable. Payments are to be made through listed payment methods. If the client’s preferred payment method is not listed, please contact our representatives to solve the matter. If the due payments are not made within the specified time period, the company reserves the right to terminate all agreements and projects with that client.

Payment Plan:

 All payments are to be made in 2 to 3 installments.

Company’s Liability:

The liability of Web and SEO Company is only limited to the development or maintenance aspects of a website or any other product. The company shall not be responsible for any loss of information or business, or a breach caused otherwise during the running of websites on networks.

Copyrights Policy:

 The company holds the copyrights to the websites or software solutions developed, its content, images, graphics or the source codes. Gaining access to the source code should be discussed with the company beforehand and may incur additional charges.

Personal Information:

The personal information of the client used for registration and record purposes must be complete and accurate. If the information of any client comes out to be false or incomplete, the company holds the authority to terminate the terms of service with that client.

Communication / Correspondences:

All communication and correspondence with the clients takes place via email primarily. It is the responsibility of the client to keep us updated in case os changing email ids.

Review and Rejection:

All reviews must be made by the client during the development and demo phases and any rejection must be declared before the completion of the project.

 Digital Marketing Packages:

The standard Digital Marketing packages are for a period of six months. Payments for these packages shall be made on monthly basis and to be cleared on 1 st of every month to continue the services. A new package will have to be purchased once the six month period expires. If a client wishes not to continue availing the service, a notice is to be issued to the company at least one month before the expiration of the existing package.


In case of any disputes, client will be responsible to pay for all the resources used in resolving the dispute. The company cannot be held liable in case of misinterpretation of the information provided from the company’s end.

By accepting a quote, you agree to and accept the terms and conditions of Web and SEO Company. Acceptance can also be made verbally, through email or payment initiation in addition to signing a quote.

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