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Quality Assurance is one of the most crucial activities in web development to get the desired results. Quality is to be considered in each and every aspect of a website, whether it is the design, layout and general aesthetic elements or the functionality and navigation in it. Each of these and other aspects must be created and executed in such a way that a flawless user experience can be ensured.

At Web and SEO Company, we provide such Quality Assurance to our clients in whatever projects they assign to us. The website, both during the development as well as after the development, goes through a number of tests to make sure that all functions are running smoothly and each and every deliverable of the project satisfies the client at its fullest. From the requirements to the design, and from the design to the functionalities of a website, Web and SEO Company covers it all under its QA and Testing services.

Functional Testing

Functional testing is performed to check if each and every link, button or any other such feature is performing the desired task or not. To ensure smooth navigation from page to page for the convenience of users, functional testing is essential to be performed before declaring the successful completion of any project. At Web and SEO Company, we provide manual as well as automated and semi-automated functional testing services, and both at the front end as well as the back end of any website or application to check if all the requirements stated by the client have been met or not.

Compatibility Testing

In an era of mobility as well as technological advancements showing up every other day, where one is always on the go and is using multiple devices and platforms, it is extremely important for the website of any business to be compatible to all these devices that are likely to be used. We develop websites for our clients that our compatible with various browsers as well as devices, be it mobile phones, tablets or their personal computers. It is not just the browser that a website needs compatibility with, but also with the operating systems of the device as well as other such features that may interact with the running of a website on a particular device.

To make sure that your business’s website passes all these stages of compatibility testing, giving your projects in the hands of our expert teams and witness their excellence in what they do.

Performance Testing

Getting a website designed or running is never enough. One has got to check its performance as well. Our developers consider a number of factors in the development and design phase of a website, like internet speed, server traffic, signals or the bytes received. The performance is tested, and optimized, under all these varied conditions and scenarios so that an optimum user experience can be ensured in unfavorable situations like low speed internet as well. Not just that, the bottlenecks or the errors related to any aspect of the development of a website or the business in general are also revealed through performance testing at multiple stages of development.

Security Testing

Ensuring privacy of users, and security of their information provided on network, especially in case of e-commerce websites, in one of the primary responsibilities of a business. We at Web and SEO Company ensure this privacy and security of users and their personal information. We make sure that the networks are all safe from any kind of threat and that any kind of potential problem can be detected at an earlier stage before it can cause any harm. End-to-end security checks, along with multiple security standards like PCI-DSS and HIPAA, are implemented by our team of experts.

If you want to provide a flawless user experience through your websites and other online forums, the Quality Assurance services at Web and SEO Company is what you need.

Whether you need Corporate Website Design, eCommerce website, or have a Product Idea, we've got you covered.