Web and SEO Company   - Privacy Policy

At Web and SEO Company , we recognize that the privacy of our clients is important. We obtain only the basic information from our clients, which is needed to communicate with them and to deliver the required services efficiently. No information which lies outside the domain of our needs in the provision of services, and may be of confidential nature to the client, is asked for. The following privacy policy applies to all our clients in all our services.

Personal Information

The personal information, including emails and other contact details, provided by the client is kept safe and is only used for the officially approved purposes that are the part of services availed by the clients. The personal information provided for the potential employees for jobs and other purposes is also kept confidential and is not traded or distributed anywhere else.

Corporate Information

The information provided by our business clients and the services availed by these clients at Web and SEO Company, like logo designs or websites or application development is also kept confidential and is not released to anyone outside the company. We ensure the privacy of our clients and give them the confidence that their information shall not be leaked out through any unofficial means.

Financial Information

The information of bank accounts, credit and debit cards, shared for payment like purposes is also kept safe and secure at Web and SEO Company. No client has ever faced any event of security breach while availing the services at Web and SEO Company.

Content Copyrights

The copyrights of all the reports, codes and content created under the services at Web and SEO Company  are reserved with the company, and no client, under any circumstances, can resell or forward this content to anyone else.


Only authorized members of the staff can access the information provided by the clients and hence remains secure in our servers and databases. No information provided by the client is traded to any third party and is only used for the purpose of communication with the client, clearing the payments and for delivery of efficient services. No data is saved in cookies at Web and SEO Company.

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