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Web and SEO Company provides Web Development along with Internet Marketing for businesses & industries in USA, UK, Canada, Pakistan, Gulf and all other parts of the globe. We understand and believe that you cannot afford to waste your investment on crucial aspects of your business by leaving them in the hands of amateurs. You are investing not only money, but your time when you decide to design and develop your project.

The websites are designed by the team according to SEO protocols and are promoted through Social Media Marketing.

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At webandseocompany, we provide professional Web Development Services to add value to your business. We're passionate, innovative, dedicated team combining together quality designs with effective web solutions. We provide affordable solutions that are accessible, SEO friendly and that help you maximize the value of your business. webandseocompany focuses on continuous consultancy during our projects. We listen to you and will provide a solution that will help you interact in a better way with your clients. webandseocompany is a small yet flexible team with innovative ideas and processes. You will always have our undivided attention. Our goal is to earn your trust and to provide you with the highest possible level of services to achieve excellence.
Share your ideas with webandseocompany team and we will turn these ideas into functional applications that people love to use.
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The timescale of a website development is often dictated by the client. If you have a deadline in mind we will make every effort to meet it for you. The most common delay in the creation and completion of a new website is waiting for content (text/images) to be sent to us by the client. For most projects, we try to work within the 4-6 week time-frame.
In the most of cases a meeting is not necessary at all. Most of our websites are generally completed with contact via email and telephone only. We place suggested website templates online through our secure testing server for you to view the work in progress. This way we can have regular communication to ensure you are getting exactly what you expect from the webandseocompany.
We fully support any website we develop and are always available to serve you even if you encounter any error after years of development. We offer website maintenance, web hosting, SEO and marketing, domain registration and graphic design and print. We have got you covered.
We will appreciate,if you are able to provide text and photographs in electronic form or Soft Copy. For example, the files output by a digital camera and the copy in MS word or similar format. If this is not possible, we can help get your information ready on the website. We will also provide you instructions on how to promote your business and maintain your website.
All our websites are created with search engines in mind and the website design is compliant with search engine guidelines. It is a good idea for your website to be re-evaluated in time as over a period of time the search engines do alter their rules and algorithms and you will want to be certain that your website is kept up to date and complies with new rules etc. To gain maximum visibility by the search engines, we highly recommend utilizing our comprehensive SEO services.
No. We discuss with you the website requirements and then price accordingly and once you have placed an order for your website with us, We work hard so that the outlined price quote is strictly adhered to. Website development is very much an evolutionary process and often clients change the scope of a project once underway. If the need to alter the price quote arises, we will communicate this to you before any extra work is started.
Yes, we would be happy to look at your existing website and give you a quote. We provide website redesigning, making your website Search Engine friendly, Updating your website or doing any back end work of website. All you have to do is to contact us and communicate with us. We provide cost effective solutions to every client.
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We Provide Web Development Services

In order to accomplish your highly focused business objectives and needs, we develop dynamic and secure websites that reach the target markets, meet company goals and lend a strong support to sales strategies. We offer database driven websites, allowing the administrator to manage the content of various links of a website from a control panel and have friendly Content Management System. On completion of the development process, we also offer services that help our clients reach their intended audience.

For development purposes, we use HTML, PHP, CSS, DHTML, AJAX, Javascript, XML etc., and Apache, MYSQL, MS SQL for server and database applications. We also provide Social Media Plugins integration along with Social Media Marketing services to boost your sales.